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Fiber Optic Network Design Specialist & Project Management Essentials 🏹

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Our expert-led, flexible delivery course is designed for entry to mid-level fiber optic network designers, telecom project managers, and industry leaders to enhance their knowledge and skills, improve performance, and achieve professional growth. Upon successful completion, PMI-PMPs can earn PDUs.

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- Available for Business Clients or Closed Groups Only -

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What participants will achieve by completing this course?

By engaging with interactive content, videos, theoretical knowledge, review of case studies, and realistic network design project activities, learners will gain an in-depth understanding of fiber optic theory, network design, PMI-aligned project management principles, and leadership practices that emphasize collaboration, communication, strategic thinking, and aligning with organizational performance goals 🎯

Completing this course will be empower participants to:

✅ Leverage knowledge for improved network designs and project planning
✅ Create designs that materialize into reliable and cost-effective fiber networks
✅ Develop effective documents for guiding fiber projects
✅ Enhance productivity for themselves and their teams

Upon completion of the course, participants will have developed practical tools, project management artifacts, gained design application experience, and will be better equipped to engage, support, and develop as fiber optic leaders 🏆

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Practical Experience on a Cutting-Edge Fiber Network Design Platform

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Earning PDUs towards PMI Continuing Certification Requirements

This course provides up to 18 hours of PMI-aligned Education PDUs for Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professionals (PMP). The PDUs are divided into 15 hours of "Ways of Working" related to the project management coursework, including planning and implementation of the scenario-based project, and 3 hours of "Power Skills" related to the leadership coursework and leadership development activities.

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General Course Outline

Modifications or enhancements may be made for optimization and customization.


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Course created by:

Jerry Morla - MBA, MSL, PMP®

As a Master Instructor, my ultimate goal is to develop people and create leaders ❤️‍🔥

I've worked in technology, business, and education for decades, have served customers and stakeholders in approximately 30 countries around the world, have designed and implemented award winning fiber optic workforce programs for Fortune 500 and Tier 1 companies, and now I am eager to pass on curated knowledge and lessons learned to the next generation of Telecom Professionals 🚀