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WDS: FiberWizards Instructor Development 🔥🔥🔥

Delivered Over 8 Weeks
Weekly 1:1 Touchpoints

Welcome to the FiberWizards Instructor Development program!

This program is designed to equip aspiring and growth-seeking instructors with the essential skills to effectively teach fiber optic technology fundamentals, installation, and maintenance. Additionally, it aims to promote and instill values in learners that contribute to developing a robust next-generation fiber optic workforce.

Our comprehensive course aligns with telecom industry standards, covering fiber optic theory, installation, and maintenance in detail. However, our main goal is to empower instructors beyond technical knowledge, so we focus on equipping them with modern training delivery, learning, and leadership strategies, leveraging the latest educational technology tools for effective course delivery.

Over 8 weeks, FiberWizards instructor training participants will gain the necessary expertise to provide high-quality fiber optic training to their students. They will acquire effective teaching, presentation, and feedback skills, complemented with techniques to enhance hands-on training delivery. The course also includes essential components such as adult learning principles, classroom management, LMS course setup, and the use of engaging digital apps for creating an engaging learning environment.

Our aim is to nurture competent instructors who can confidently present and explain complex concepts, accurately assess student learning, and provide valuable feedback. Next-gen training, leadership, and classroom management skills, along with effective use of digital tools, will prepare you for successful instructional delivery.

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Why the FiberWizards Instructor Development Program? 🤔

This 8-week program enables both new and seasoned fiber optic instructors to enhance their technical and online teaching skills. Participants will gain confidence, learn effective methods to promote student engagement, and develop the ability to gauge progress to achieve learning outcomes. Additionally, this course positions instructors for career advancement opportunities.⚡️
Successful completion of this program will prepare aspiring and new instructors to successfully deliver engaging fiber optic courses for today's learners and to create more FiberWizards

Blended Training Option for Businesses

FiberWizards Instructor Development Program

8 weeks online + 4 days onsite

Only for groups of 4 to 10 participants.

$2,500 per participant plus applicable taxes. Delivered at customer site (CONUS only). Instructor costs, equipment,  and materials included.
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FIberwizards Essentials

Everything you need to get started in the fiber optics field!

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Course created by:

Jerry Morla - MBA, MSL, PMP®

As a Master Instructor, my ultimate goal is to develop people and create leaders ❤️‍🔥

I've worked in technology, business, and education for decades, have served customers and stakeholders in approximately 30 countries around the world, have designed and implemented award winning fiber optic workforce programs for Fortune 500 and Tier 1 companies, and now I am eager to pass on curated knowledge and lessons learned to the next generation of Telecom Professionals 🚀