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FiberWizards Instructor Development T3 Program 🔥🔥🔥

Closed Groups Only
Delivered Over 8 Weeks
Weekly Virtual Group Meetings

Welcome to the FiberWizards Instructor Development program!  

This expert-led, flexible delivery fiber optic instructor development program is designed to prepare new and growth seeking instructors to effectively teach the fundamentals of fiber optic technology and broad installation and maintenance operation activities to their students and peers. The program covers most aspects of typical fiber optic work, including theory, installation, and maintenance, and is aligned with the Fiber Optic Association (FOA) curriculum and Telecom Industry Standards. 

By completing this 8-week program, new and mid-level fiber instructors will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver high-quality fiber optic training to their students. They will learn how to effectively present and explain complex concepts, as well as how to assess student learning and provide feedback. The program also includes hands-on training, allowing instructors to practice teaching techniques with fiber optic specific equipment and tools, as well as principles of adult learning, classroom management, hands-on lab setup, and use of digital tools including Learning Management System (LMS) course setup. 

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Why the FiberWizards Instructor Development Program? 🤔

Completion of this 8-week program will help new and seasoned fiber optic instructors gain and improve their technical and online teaching skills, gain confidence, learn skills to promote student engagement, and learn to gauge progress and ensure that learning outcomes are accomplished, while positioning themselves for career advancement ⚡️
Successful completion of this program will prepare you to successfully deliver FOA CFOT and other engaging fiber optic courses for today's learners and create more FiberWizards

Ready to develop fiberwizard Instructor skills?

Choose your plan - Learn on your own terms 💡

FiberWizards Instructor Development Program


 Per Participant

Closed Groups of 3-8

This option is appropriate for learners that have access to their own basic fiber preparation, termination, splicing, and testing tools that are seeking professional development in fiber optic instruction and training delivery for onsite and online courses. 

Course delivered over: 8 weeks
  • FOA Aligned and Industry standards based
  • Vendor-neutral
  • CFOT Review: 14 Self-led modules and online activities
  • Access to virtual instructor led sessions
  • Access to LMS for course setup practice
  • Coaching for setup and practice with various learning apps
  • Personalized coaching
  • Digital license to FOA Reference Guide to Fiber Optics
  • Digital license to Distance Education Handbook
  • Access to virtual community and private Slack support channel for 1 year
  • Laser / physics student lab kit
  • Hands-on consumables kit
  • FiberWizard Instructor Development Program Digital Badge upon Completion
  • Upon completion: FiberWizards Instructor, long sleeve t-shirt

FiberWizards Instructor Development Program 
+ 5-day Equipment Rental


Per Participant

For Businesses Only and Subject to Availability

This option is appropriate for learners that need to rent basic fiber preparation, termination, splicing, and testing tools that are seeking professional development in fiber optic instruction and training delivery for onsite and online courses. 

Course delivered over: 8 weeks
  • Everything included with the FiberWizards Instructor Development Program package plus:
  • FiberWizards Fiber Box Rental for 5 days  (5 days allowed from equipment delivery to return shipment drop off). Continental US only.
  • FiberWizards baseball cap 

Blended Training Option

FiberWizards Instructor Development Program

8 weeks online + 4 days onsite

Only for groups of 4 to 10 participants.

$3,500 per participant plus applicable taxes. Delivered at customer site (CONUS only). Instructor costs, equipment, and materials included.
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FIberwizards Essentials

Everything you need to get started in the fiber optics field!

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Course created by:

Jerry Morla - MBA, MSL, PMP®
FOA Master Instructor

As a Master Instructor, my ultimate goal is to develop people and create leaders ❤️‍🔥

I've worked in technology, business, and education for decades, have served customers and stakeholders in approximately 30 countries around the world, have designed and implemented award winning fiber optic workforce programs for Fortune 500 and Tier 1 companies, and now I am eager to pass on curated knowledge and lessons learned to the next generation of Telecom Professionals 🚀