Mastering Project Management: Beyond the Essentials

Welcome to the "Mastering Project Management: Beyond the Essentials" course, a highly immersive learning experience designed to empower junior project managers and growth-seeking professionals to develop their project management competencies and achieve advanced mastery. This guided course is centered around a realistic project management simulations, offering a hands-on learning experience that emphasizes practical skills application, as well as personalized guidance for learners preparing for the PMP certification.
  • Expert-Led 

    Learn with seasoned pros
  • Personalized

    1:1 Personalized Coaching
  • Practical

    Realistic simulations
  • PMP Prep Coaching

    From PMI ATP Instructor
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Accelerate Learning with Guidance
from Top Industry Experts

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Course Delivered by PSS Engineering Team

By enrolling in this expert-led course you will gain practical problem-based hands-on exercises with realistic project simulation, and personalized coaching so that you can apply knowledge as you learn and develop advanced project management skills.

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Why this Project Management course?

Learn What's Important

Leading strategically
Mastering the project life cycle
Managing constraints
Effective decision-making
Applying best practices

Prepare for the PMP® Test

Receive personalized PMP prep coaching  from industry experts from PSS Engineering Team.

Learn by Doing

Hands-on approach
Problem-based learning
Realistic project simulations
Guided deliverables development

Learn. Apply. Interate. Improve.

Advanced methods and techniques focused on the following project management knowledge areas:

  • Project initiation and organization.
  • Scope definition and development of the concept.
  • Planning of activities and resources. Risk analysis, monitoring, and control.
  • Estimations, budget, and cost control.
  • Quality planning and control.
  • Performance control and change management.
  • Teamwork and team building, communication.

Meet the instructor

Dr. Jorge I. Aponte, MBA, DM, PMP®, PMI-ATP Instructor, RCDD®, CSM®

With 20+ years of experience in project management, change management, and technology systems engineering, I offer expert guidance to diverse teams and individuals in corporate and academic settings. Whether it's Agile-Scrum, integrated project delivery, or data science projects, I bring expertise to help clients achieve their goals. 

Patrick Jones - Course author